YouTube Music refreshes ‘Mixed for you’ cover art


The auto-curated My Mix section, sometimes labeled “Mixed for you” in YouTube Music, appears to be getting updated cover art for some users.

This section is a key part of YouTube Music and includes a number of playlists from various genres and subgenres based on your listening history, likes and dislikes. For a long time, the “Mixed for you” section featured colorful vinyl abstract covers for every playlist, including the “Supermix” – which includes an array of your different musical favorites in one single playlist.

[Update 04/20]: Initially limited to a small group of YouTube Music users, updated playlist covers are now starting to see more widespread views. Reports on the /r/YouTubeMusic subreddit have increased with more users slowly starting to see updated playlist header images. However, 90s WordArt-style comps haven’t gone so well so far. Many are also starting to see the new covers on mobile and desktop.

[Update 04/21]: Updated covers of your mix should now be available to all YouTube Music users on mobile and desktop. It’s also worth noting that each cover is dynamic and can change appearance when opening a playlist from the homepage. Tapping on the playlist may cause some artist images to change position or disappear completely with the collage featuring others in the playlist:

Originally spotted by /u/mateil on the YouTube Music subreddit, it looks like the Mixed for you playlists are getting new covers to feature the artist’s album art. This makes it easier to tell what types of music and artists are included at a glance, but the collages can be a little jarring against the cleaner aesthetic of these abstract icons – you can see both sides next below:

We don’t know exactly how far this has gone, but the original Reddit thread has several user reports claiming that they are now seeing the updated UI. As one poster notes, it certainly looks like a “quick edit from the early 2000s.” It is also unknown how the specific album cover is chosen.

It’s also worth noting that this change is appearing for select devices, including Android and desktop, with the rollout expected to begin a few weeks ago. With that in mind, be sure to let us know in the comments section below if you see the new Mixed for you covers when using YouTube Music on your devices.

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