Woman’s parents appoint DK Shivakumar ahead of SIT to “play big role”


The sordid CD case took another turn on Saturday with family members of the woman who accused former Karnataka minister Ramesh Jarkiholi of sexual exploitation, bluntly accused the chairman of the Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee , DK Shivakumar, for playing a major role in the release of the CD.

As the woman posted her fifth music video and accused Jarkiholi of harassing her family, family members suddenly surfaced and appeared before the Special Investigation Team (SIT) investigating the CD case. sordid.

After making their statement to SIT, the woman’s father and brother told reporters that they spoke to SIT officials and gave them their statement.

We have an audio clip of our sister and the same was given to SIT officials. During the conversation, my sister told us that she was with DK Shivakumar and that he was firing her from the state, for her safety. Making such videos, keeping a woman for political revenge is not the right thing, the brother said.

Failing to use the word kidnapping, he alleged that Shivkumar was playing his own games while keeping his sister under his control.

I call on Shivakumar not to play with our lives, he said.

While her father said he was a former military man, he knows how to take care of his daughter like all his life that he spent protecting this country and he knew better than anyone how to protect his daughter.

On the alleged audio clip which was released on Friday night, her brother said that as her sister’s cell phone was turned off on March 2, the sordid CD released was shown on all news channels.

“After seeing these videos, we called her friend’s phone and spoke with her. She told us that the videos are being processed and edited and that DK Shivakumar is sending it to Goa safely, ”he said.

Speaking at this point, her father said using a female Schedule Tribe (ST) for political purposes was a bad idea and dirty politics.

“We don’t want to make any more allegations, we just want our daughter to come home. We need the support of the police and the media to bring her home. She came home on February 5, but after March 2, she spoke to us on the phone. The alleged media statement about the incident is false, ”he said.

His brother added that if Shivakumar wants to settle scores with anyone, let him do it alone, but don’t use his sister as his pawn in this dirty game of politics.

“I only ask one thing of Shivkumar, he should allow my sister to free herself from his clutches,” he said.

SIT had subjected the parents to questioning in Adugodi’s interrogation cell on the basis of their kidnapping complaint and the woman’s video clip. The SIT interviewed them for more than six hours from 11 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

Senior officials including Soumendu Mukherjee, Additional Police Commissioner (West) (Head of SIT), Sandeep Patil, Joint Police Commissioner (Crime) and others visited the interrogation cell.


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