WITHDOM To Release Official Cover Of Tatsuro Yamashita’s World Favorite Song “RIDE ON TIME”

WITHDOM is a 4-member vocal group formed in Kyoto. Kyoto is the most famous city in Japan as a tourist destination for foreigners and they have worked as “Kyoto Tour Ambassadors”.

Their performance is highly recognized by many artists around the world, and the members of Boyz II Men presented their cover of “On Bended Knee”. The video was featured and widely shared by their Instagram followers.

In November 2021, WITHDOM released a cover, YOASOBI’s ‘Gunjou’. YOASOBI is a Japanese artist who is very popular among anime fans and Gen Z all over the world.
This news spread all over the world, including among the states, Indonesia, Thailand, Brazil. Their name was widely known.

In March 2022, WITHDOM released their digital single and new song, “Tetris”, which was later picked up for playlists by Spotify and Apple Music. The song “Tetris” was ranked 10th for the first time on the weekly J-POP charts of DJFM, which is the FM radio station of Surabaya, Indonesia.

Their news was on more than 20 websites around the world, including Indonesia, the United States, France, Germany, Korea, Mexico and Hong Kong. Their release of the official cover “Gunjou” helped them gain popularity around the world.

On Wednesday, July 20, WITHDOM released Tatsuro Yamashita’s “RIDE ON TIME (Cover)” on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming sites. This song is a typical summer song and Tatsuro Yamashita is a legendary City Pop artist in Japan.

WITHDOM did not lose the freshness and light rhythm of “City Pop” in their cover, a characteristic feature of the original song. They even gave the song a more pop and danceable sound with the arrangement of modestly adding a “New Jack Swing” beat.

Moreover, they show their ability as a vocal group by singing the lead vocals one by one. They managed to sing the chorus beautifully and showed a different charm from the original.

WITHDOM released their music video “RIDE ON TIME (Cover)” on their official YouTube channel. The video has the coolness of summer and a light movement that invites people to dance both physically and mentally. The video contains a selection of subtitles in different languages, including English, Indonesian, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Thai. “RIDE ON TIME (Cover)” and “Tetris,” which was released in March, were released not only in Japan but around the world.

Japanese pop music called “City Pop”, which formed in the 1970s and 1980s, has been coming back since its revival began in 2010. Japanese City Pop artists are gaining popularity. Artist names include Tatsuro Yamashita, Mariya Takeuchi, Anri, Toshiki Kadomatsu, Yumi Matsutoya. They are all famous names in Japan.

For example, Indonesian artists Rainych covered Miki Matsubara’s song “Stay With Me”, and the song hit No. 1 on the viral list on Spotify. This created a big City Pop music boom outside of Japan and this movement is still ongoing.

New Japanese artists also started covering City Pop songs. A new generation of artists started creating songs influenced by City Pop. These “New City Pop” songs were created and released massively. There are a lot of New City Pop hits.

WITHDOM’s songs also taste like “New City Pop” and their songs, including “Tetris”, “Hey Girl” and “Vampire”, are all gaining popularity through various streaming sites such as Spotify. “Tetris” charted on DJFM’s weekly J-POP charts in Indonesia, and “Tetris”, “Hey Girl” and “Vampire” are all in the mini album “JUK3BOX”.

Producer TATSUYA cleverly blended the amazing old sounds with the latest music seamlessly. His keen sense was highly recognized.

“WITHDOM” formed in Kyoto and they worked as “Kyoto Tour Ambassadors”. They have collaborated with the beautiful and famous scenery of Kyoto and Kyoto companies.

For example, they did a live show in a famous garden in Kyoto. The garden was built in 1300 and is located in a temple. They are the first artists to do a live show there.

They released a live performance on YouTube during the special on Arashiyama Station. There was a famous art installation called “Kimono Forest” and the live show was broadcast around the world. The train line is called Keifuku Randen Tram Line.

WITHDOM’s song is used as the theme song for the weather forecast in a news program in Japan. They were featured as a new upcoming artist on a national television program in June.
WITHDOM’s music embraces the unique world of Japanese aesthetics. They are good at singing all kinds of music including JPOP, New City Pop and Ballads.
Their activity is attracting attention inside and outside of Japan!


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