Watch NMIXX Perform A Cover Of ITZY’s 2019 Single “Icy”


Rookie K-pop girl group NMIXX performed a cover of ITZY’s 2019 single ‘Icy’.

On June 24, South Korean TV channel KBS aired a special episode of its weekly music program The Music Bank, featuring performances from some of its biggest first-half winners. During the episode, JYP Entertainment’s latest girl group took the stage to share their rendition of ITZY’s 2019 single “Icy.”

NMIXX’s version of “Icy” remained largely faithful to the original, with slight changes made to the song’s choreography to accommodate all seven band members. “Everybody blah, blah / Talk a lot, but I don’t care / Keep going blah, blah / They keep talking, I keep walking,they rap in the chorus.

Last May, the septet performed ITZY’s “Loco” in a medley of songs from JYP’s list of female voice actors past and present on their YouTube channel. NMIXX had also sung snippets of hits like “Like Ooh-aah” and “The Feels” by TWICE, “Hush” by Miss A and “Why So Lonely” by Wonder Girls, among others.

KCON also announced earlier this month that NMIXX has joined the lineup for its upcoming LA 2022 festival, alongside acts like ITZY, STAYC, ENHYPEN and more. This will be the rookie group’s second time performing at KCON, following their appearance at “KCON Premiere 2022” earlier this year.

NMIXX debuted in February with the single “Ad Mare,” which featured the title track “OO” and a B-side titled “Tank.” In a two-star review of the release, NME‘s Tanu I. Raj wrote that the former track’s genre-blending “tries, but fails, to capture attention for a very long time”.


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