Watch Mark Ronson and Violet Grohl Cover ‘Valerie’ at Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert


Mark Ronson and Violet Grohl covered ‘Valerie’ at the Taylor Hawkins tribute concert at Wembley Stadium tonight (September 3).

The memorial concert featured a stacked roster of some of music’s biggest names, as legends from across the musical spectrum came together to honor the late Foo Fighters drummer.

“When we started talking about putting something on for Taylor, we sat down and said, ‘Even though they’re his closest friends, it’s like 100 fucking musicians,'” the frontman said. Foos, Dave Grohl, before introducing the musicians on stage. “Because Taylor loved to jam and record with anyone and everyone. He loved playing music every day and there aren’t too many people he’s never jammed with.

“So this collection of friends, family and musicians, all of that is brought together by him. We’re all connected here today by this one guy, bringing musicians who’ve never met, musicians who’ve never played together, all in one place at once with all of you, beautiful people to make fucking noise for Taylor Hawkins.

Grohl continues: “For the past few days, we have been asking ourselves the same question after each rehearsal. We asked, ‘God, I wonder what Taylor would think about that? I wonder what Taylor would think of seeing all these amazing people making music together.

Grohl then presented an example of what he had just talked about. “One of the people he recorded with not too long ago is here tonight doing a song that I’m sure a lot of you know,” he said. “Would you please welcome Mr. Mark Ronson on stage at this time.” It also featured Jane’s Addiction’s Chris Chaney, Jason Falkner, backing vocalists Barbara, Sam and Laura, and his daughter, Violet Grohl.

The musicians descended the track from the stage to assemble. “I guess this one’s for all the legends tonight and if you want to sing along with Violet and the rest of us, go ahead,” Ronson said before starting the Zutons’ “Valerie” cover. Check out the footage of the performance above, starting around the -3.03.49 mark.

Earlier in the evening, Violet Grohl joined Alain Johannes, Falkner and Chaney of Queens Of The Stone Age and Them Crooked Vultures to cover two songs from Jeff Buckley’s “Grace” album.

Taylor Hawkins. CREDIT: Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

Elsewhere, Grohl and Hawkins’ Foo Fighter bandmates opened the gig with a moving speech that paid tribute to their late drummer. “For those of you who knew him personally, you know no one else could make you smile, laugh, dance or sing like him,” the frontman said.

Comedian Dave Chappelle also recalled spending time with the rock star and his son in New York. “I’ve seen Taylor be a rock star many nights, but this was the first time I’ve seen him be a dad, and what a fucking cool dad,” he said. “Taylor Hawkins is a legend of a man, he’s a legend of a musician and he’s a legend of a father.”

Liam Gallagher kicked off the live music today, performing two songs from Oasis with help from surviving members of the Foo Fighters, while Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers shared a heartwarming story about Hawkins in a special video message.

Supergroup Them Crooked Vultures reunited for the first time in 12 years, while Supergrass also performed, with the trio recalling touring with Foo Fighters and Hawkins in the 90s. Metallica’s Lars Ulrich and Brian AC/DC’s Johnson also joined forces at the concert.

Foo Fighters closed the night with a star-studded set featuring a rotating cast of drummers including Travis Barker, Nandi Bushell and Hawkins’ 16-year-old son Shane. Paul McCartney also joined the band on stage, delivering a performance of two Beatles songs.


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