WASP 3D prints sustainable Dior pop-up store at Dubai Expo “


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Dior has opened a pop-up store on Jumeirah Beach in Dubai. The initiative, which coincides with the current Expo, included two 3D printed pavilions created in collaboration with the Italian 3D printer manufacturer WASP and installed at the Four Seasons Hotel in Nammos.

The Dubai Expo pop-up store project consists of two cylindrical modules, 3D printed by combining clay, sand and natural fibers using WASP’s sustainable construction 3D printing technology. The irony (and the lesson) is that WASP developed this technology to produce sustainable, low-cost housing in the poorest parts of the world, as the founder of WASP pointed out:

“Life is Strange,” WASP founder Massimo Moretti wrote on his personal Facebook page, “you start by developing a process to provide a home as a birthright to every human being. You worked there for a decade, self-financing all research and development. Next is Dior, a company that represents the finest luxury in the world, and they ask you to print their stores. And they offer to finance your development costs.

The stores were built with each layer different from each other, with the exterior walls showcasing the same styling as typical Dior handbags. Inside, the creations celebrated the “dolce vita” by presenting the Dior Riviera collection by Maria Grazia Chiuri.

The exterior wall patterns presented an extreme challenge as an error in one layer could compromise the entire construction, just like a CD with a scratch. The WASP team organized the entire project, including customs, transport, assembly and management of remote printing codes thousands of kilometers away in a heat of 50 ° C.

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