Violet Blend covers “La Donna Mobile” by Giuseppe Verdi — MP3 and PNJ


Italian alternative metal band Violet Blend today unveiled their cover of Giuseppe Verdi’s “La Donna Mobile”.

The song, which features in Verdi’s 1851 opera Rigoletto, was thrown into the limelight when opera singer Maurizio Marchini performed the song from their balcony at the start of the lockdown. For its accompanying music video, which was shot at Teatro Verdi in Florence, Italy, Violet Blend enlisted maestra Gianna Fratta.

Singer Giada Celeste Chelli had this to say about the cover:

“As a classical musicologist, I have always had to study and deal with music written by men, where women were always secondary characters with little to think or say. La Donna è Mobile is one of the most most famous Italian opera of the 19th century. , but I realized that very few people really knew the meaning of it. It is misogynistic and discriminatory, and even though it was written in the 19th century, I find it terribly topical.We wanted to highlight the importance and relevance of thinking about the role of women, focusing on the world of work, where there is still today a dangerous and frightening gender gap.With this project , we wanted to collect and show the public the testimonies of these wonderful women who work and succeed in professions that are still socially linked only to men. We asked women to help us spread a message of gender equality and the s women responded!”

The cover is featured on Violet Blend’s new studio album demons, which is currently available on Eclipse Records. It is also the theme song for the ongoing project La Donna Mobile – Campaign Against Gender Discrimination and Violence, which promotes equality, empowerment, education and information, focusing on the role of women in the world of work. More information can be found here.

On April 16, the band will hold an album release show at the Viper Theater in Florence, Italy, with support from AIDOS, Old Bridge and Worldplan.


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