Three injured in a fight in front of a store



A woman was hit by an acquaintance’s car while they were arguing, a passer-by was hit and two people were charged with multiple offenses on Thursday, police said.

Camera footage shows Katelyn Sales, 23, and Ja’Qualynn Renee O’Neal, 19, both of Barksdale Lane, arguing inside the Economy Liquors convenience store, Madison Street, according to the report by Agent Dylan Bliss. They started fighting in the parking lot, got back into separate vehicles, and O’Neal got out. Sales would have declined in O’Neal, then in another vehicle.

O’Neal stood up, took a side mirror from Sales’s car which was knocked over by the impact, and tried to hit her on the head with it. O’Neal reportedly lost his grip on the rearview mirror and unwittingly hit the owner of the car who was not otherwise involved.

The sales resulted in a “severe” laceration to the head and minor lacerations to the face, Bliss said. O’Neal had a scraped left shin after being hit by the car and the man accidentally hit by the shattered mirror sustained a cut to his face.

Sales told Bliss she didn’t “run over” O’Neal on purpose. But Bliss said Sales “later joked about hitting people with his cars.”

Additional charges of leaving the scene of an accident and driving a second offense with a suspended license have been filed against Sales. She was being held on $ 27,000 bond. O’Neal was being held on $ 10,000 bond.

Theft charge

A man who allegedly took his girlfriend’s cell phone by attacking her Thursday morning has been charged with theft, Shelbyville police said.

Salatiel Saul Ramirez, 23, allegedly punched her in the face and strangled her at her home on Lewis Avenue, then grabbed her phone and left. She was able to use her Apple Watch to call 911.

The victim said Ramirez was homeless and “was on the couch” with friends.

Ramirez was also charged with aggravated assault, aggravated assault, vandalism and identity theft. He is being held on $ 100,000 bond

Drug charges

Methamphetamine crystals were found in the clothing of a woman arrested on Thursday for aggravated domestic assault, according to a police report.

Jennifer Ann Jarrell, 57, allegedly damaged mirrors in her house and led a friend outside the house. He told police he hid behind a hangar and called 911.

Jarrell was also charged with possession of a Schedule II drug and was held without bail due to his state probation.


• Surveillance video shows a man stealing a propane tank from a forklift truck at The Stone Depot on Madison Street early Wednesday morning, Shelbyville police were told.

A man in a face cover, light-colored pants and a light-colored hoodie is seen disconnecting the tank and transporting it to a white van in a nearby parking lot.

The pickup truck drives east on Madison Street.

The owner valued the tank at $ 300.

• A homeless man who was allegedly caught shoplifting several times last week at the Shelbyville Walmart has been charged with property theft.

William Robert Sparks, 65, told Constable Ramon Castillo that in the last incident on Thursday, he forgot to pay for a compact disc in his pocket. The store staff had taken the Sparks CD and obtained a description of his truck as he left. Castillo stopped the truck on North Main Street.

Loss Prevention Walmart has notified Castillo of previous violations. Sparks is also charged with driving without a license or insurance card and was being held on $ 750 bond.

Animal abuse

An injured and malnourished dog was removed from a Cedar Grove Street home on Tuesday and its caretaker has been charged with animal abuse, police said.

Officers were looking for Alejandra Baez Sanches on another issue and noticed the dog. Baez said the dog was owned by a relative.

Shelbyville Animal Control took the dog to the shelter. Police noted that the dog’s skeletal structure was visible.

Online fraud

A Shelbyville woman told police her ATM card was one of several billed for fake purchases from Sopchoppy Grocery in Sopchoppy, Fla.

Over $ 200 was billed from a non-existent “Happy Shop”, allegedly at Sopchoppy, was billed to the victim’s account. The grocery store’s Facebook page details how many people across the country have been victimized.

The victim was advised to replace the ATM card.

Sopchoppy, which calls itself “the grunts capital of the world,” is a small town near Tallahassee.

Entering prison

The following people have been charged since Wednesday by the Shelbyville Police Department, the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office, the Tennessee Highway Patrol or the 17th Judicial District Drug Task Force. They are only invoiced; guilt or innocence will be determined by the courts.

• Marilyn Maxine Baker, 69 King Avenue; violation of parole; tenuous. no link

• Luis Jesus Cobarrubias, 25, Kolby court; driving with revoked license, evading arrest by motor vehicle, reckless driving; inmate, $ 10,000 bail

• Herman Junior Conley, 41, Cookeville; violation of probation; inmate, no bail

• Michael Shane Crowder, 37, Lewisburg; violation of probation; inmate, $ 5,000 bond

• Douglas Brian Curtis, 54, Shadow Drive; domestic assault; inmate, $ 3,000 bail

• Tyler Dye, 18, railroad; drag races; released on engagement

• Amanda Michelle Fajardo, 33 Myers Street; theft (four counts), burglary, vandalism (four counts); inmate, obligation of $ 4,500

• Elizabeth Machael Faulk, 46, Barksdale Lane; domestic assault; inmate, $ 3,000 bail

• Forrest Ray Hester, 40, Fosterville; possession of drugs with intent to sell, possession of drug paraphernalia; inmate, $ 25,000 bail

• Jacob Hoffman, 27 Madison Street; public intoxication; inmate, $ 750 bail

• Crystal Dawn Jamison, 31, chemin Midland; possession of drug paraphernalia (two counts), possession of Schedule II drugs; released, bail of $ 4,000

• Jennifer Ann Jarrell, 57, Horse Mountain Road; possession of Schedule II drugs, aggravated assault; inmate, no bail

• Joseph Patrick Miller, 26, Murfreesboro; failure to appear, arrest warrant; summons issued

• Ja’Qualynn Renee O’Neal, 19, Barksdale Lane; aggravated assault; inmate, $ 10,000 bail

• Salatiel Saul Ramirez, 23 Lewis Avenue; aggravated assault, aggravated assault, vandalism, robbery, identity theft; inmate, obligation of $ 100,000

• Avril Marie Ruiz, 40, Barksdale Lane; failure to appear; inmate, bail of $ 2,500

• Katelyn Sales, 23, Barksdale Lane; aggravated assault, leaving the scene of the accident, driving with a suspended license (second offense); inmate, $ 27,000 bail

• Dena Rhea Sanders, 57, Winchester; failure to appear; released, no bail

• William Robert Sparks, 65, homeless, Shelbyville; no driver’s license, proof of financial responsibility, theft of property; inmate, $ 750 bail

• Ashley Nicole Turner, 34, Thompson Lane; justification hearing; inmate, no bail

• Jakob Ryan Weeks, 19, Manchester; burglary, theft; inmate, $ 6,000 bail

• Veronica Mae Williams, 39, Road Warners Bridge; failure to appear; inmate, no bail


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