The Marantz CD 60 is a CD player, USB media player and headphone amplifier


In March, we learned that US CD sales revenue increased for the first time in more than 15 years. The shiny, affordable and less intrusive physical format is far from over. Seeing the continued potential of the CD even as an archive format, Marantz this week announced a new CD player in the CD 60 — apparently intended as a potential partner for its 40n streaming amplifier.

And while the CD 60 is a more affordable model, it still features Marantz’s HDAMs (Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Modules) which the Japanese company claims offer less noise and distortion than comparable IC op amps. They can be found in the CD 60 in the dual RCA analog output stage and the integrated headphone amplifier which is equipped with three gain settings.

Under the hood, there is a “Reference” DAC circuit capable of decoding PCM up to 24bit/192kHz and DSD up to DSD128. Why then when a Redbook CD inserted into the CD 60 tray will only supply a 16bit/44.kHz signal to the DAC? The answer comes in the form of USB access. This is not a PC/Mac compatible USB-B socket on the rear panel, but a USB-A socket on the front panel that can read content from a connected storage device. This reviewer’s burning question: Do these USB sources play uninterrupted?

The Marantz CD 60 will be marketed in the coming weeks at a price of 899€. Your choice of black or silver.

Further information : Marantz


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