The Chemistry Set releases eye-catching video for cover of acid folk classic The Witch


British psychedelic duo The Chemistry Set have released a cover of Mark Fry’s 1969 acid folk classic The witch and you can watch their eye-catching new video below. The new version features a Gregorian chant intro, taken from The Bee Gee’s acid-soaked 1967 song Every lion-hearted Christian soldier.

It’s from the duo’s upcoming album with Mellotron Pink Felt Travelwhich will be released via Fruits der Mer. This is the band’s 62nd release in their 34-year career.

Pink Felt Travel presents a 10-minute trilogy, titled Trinity of self-expression, a daring “Moody Blues-esque” orchestral piece titled Cesar Manrique, a tribute to the great Spanish surrealist artist, while the title track is described by duo Paul Lake and David Mclean as “a demented aggregation of Captain Beefheart, Frank Zappa and The Red Krayola”.

The album cover, which you can see below, is in the style of 1960s Filmore East concert poster designer Victor Moscoso, and is by Swedish designer; Robin Gnista.

From the band’s previous album, infinity more and more, Program Magazine said, “It represents what can be achieved when you take on a genre like psychedelia, which you’d think you were rinsed dry by now, but approach it with expertise and passion.”

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The chemistry set

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