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The CDs that you have bought over the years have a special meaning for you. These are moments in your life. But just because technology is changing doesn’t mean you have to throw away all those memories. You can still listen to all your favorite CDs whenever and wherever you want if you have a portable CD player.

The best portable CD player has anti-skip protection, plays multiple formats, and lets you decide which track will play next. You can read more about our favorite Alice Dreams portable CD player below. This versatile device has built-in high-quality speakers and can be operated with a remote control.

Considerations When Choosing Portable CD Players

Integrated speakers

Portable CD players can be divided into two main categories, those that require headphones and those that have built-in speakers.


Portable CD players that can only be listened to with headphones are smaller, lighter, and tend to have longer battery life. These models are also more affordable and better suited to mobility.

Integrated speakers

Portable CD players with built-in speakers can be listened to without headphones. They also tend to come with a remote control and can work as Bluetooth speakers for other devices as well. In addition, these models will have a headphone jack so that you can still listen in private. In general, CD players with built-in speakers are a bit more expensive.


There are a number of essential features that you will want your portable CD player to have as well as a few options that will improve your user experience.

Power: The best portable CD player gives you the option of using batteries or an adapter to power the unit.

Controls: At the very least, you’ll want your portable CD player to have start, stop, skip / seek (both forward and backward), repeat, volume, and shuffle controls.

Anti-jump protection: A portable CD player is going to be jostled at some point. To prevent this from interfering with your listening experience, you need a portable CD player with an anti-skip function.

Bass boost: In order to get richer and more robust bass sound from your headphones, you can consider a portable CD player that has a bass boost function.

Multiple formats: If you want to listen to CDs that you make yourself, MP3 CDs, or any other CDs in addition to the original source music (the ones you buy in the store), you will need a player that can play different CD formats. .

Guarantee: The better the warranty, the more confidence the manufacturer has in their product. A portable CD player with a one-year limited warranty is acceptable.


When shopping for a portable CD player that requires headphones, expect to spend between $ 25 and $ 60. If you’re looking for a portable CD player with built-in speakers, these models can cost up to $ 100.


Q. Every CD I put in my portable CD player skips. What can I do?

A. When the problem is not limited to a specific CD, it means that there is a problem with the CD player. Usually the problem is just a dirty lens. If so, just open your portable CD player and use a lint-free microfiber cloth (which won’t damage the lens) and clean it.

Q. Does my portable CD player come with headphones?

A. Probably not. And even if it does, it’s probably not the highest quality pair. The best option is to buy your headphones separately.

Portable CD Players We Recommend

Best of the best: Alice Dreams portable CD player

Our opinion: A high-quality, versatile CD player that can also work as a wireless bluetooth speaker.

What we like: If desired, this portable unit can be mounted on a wall and reads a variety of formats. The CD player is charged via a USB cable and it has a handy pull switch for easy on / off operation.

What we don’t like: There is no cover on this design, so the CD may be accidentally touched or bumped during playback.

The best bang for your buck: Jensen portable CD player

Our opinion: An affordable portable CD player with minimal features that is a good choice for a no-frills unit.

What we like: This inexpensive CD player has an impressive 60 second anti-skip function and it can search both forward and backward. The unit can be powered by batteries or an adapter.

What we don’t like: This model sounds better if you buy and use higher quality headphones.

Choice 3: GPX portable CD player

Our opinion: An affordable portable CD player that also functions as an FM radio.

What we like: This unit has all the features and controls typical of other models in its price range, including programmable tracks and 60 second skip protection. This device will run on two AA batteries (not included) or you can purchase an adapter.

What we don’t like: Does not read a wide variety of formats.

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