Stray Tops PlayStation Store Downloads in July


There was a time when you could only get video games physically because that was the only way to make them outside of a few key exceptions. But with the advent of digital downloads through various video game services, you can now get the game without the need for the cover art, CD/cartridge, and all that comes with it. So the three major publishers (Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo) are keeping a close eye on digital downloads from their platforms as they know this can be a good sign of how things are going among those who only buy digital things. For the PlayStation Store, the flagship game of July 2022 was none other than… Wander.

Yes, Wander, the game about a cat separated from its cat family and landing in a post-apocalyptic city full of robots and drones was #1. Usually that wouldn’t sound like a title that would top the charts, would it? But don’t be fooled by our very loose summary of this one, it’s a game that’s taken over the internet for a few very basic reasons. Not the least of which is that it’s an adorable cat game that looks honestly realistic. The team behind the game actually worked for YEARS just on the in-game cat and how it moved around and how the gameplay would be used around it to feel “like a cat”.

According to the graphics, being on next-gen platforms helped bring out the realism of the cat and the world to the point where you wanted to explore it and see every nook and cranny from that cat’s perspective. That’s talent, right there, okay? Finally, and doing the perfect capper on “it’s an internet game”, Wander had a LOT of word of mouth from streamers and other players. So even if you didn’t know about this game before it was released, once people started playing it and admiring the cat itself, you were going to hear about it in one form or another. Oh, and the mods helped too.

Which can be proven by the fact that the game is #1 on the PlayStation Store in July in the US (and it was #2 in Europe). This proves that cat games can work in this way, now can we have a sequel? Just say.

As for what worked well in July 2022, F1 22 (the racing title that lets you play as part of the actual racing circuit that takes place around the world) was the #4 title in the US (and #1 in Europe), and GTA V was #2…because naturally this game needed more sales!

All in all it’s been a solid month for PlayStation Store, the only question now is who will top the charts in August?

Source: PlayStation Blog


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