Space Coke release Danzig cover, “Twist of Cain”


Doom and stoner band Space Coke have released their take on the classic Danzig track “Twist of Cain.” The song (featuring Xothun, stream it below) is from their album “Lunacy,” which is out today.

The band’s comment, “Here is the cover we put on our new album “Lunacy” taken from the eponymous album Danzig. Twist of Cain has always been one of my favorite songs and I felt like it needed the Space Coke treatment. Especially the experience of hearing it with the Hammond organ riffs of Moses! We made the final count to be 666 for more occult spices.”

Regarding the new record, they add: “We have an origin theme that space travel is an escape from a society gone mad. A planet that has built civilizations based on power and oppression. Also mix this with the SPACE COKE scene from Cheech and Chong’s movie. Reno grew up in a diverse, multicultural household and likes his music and his musical companions to reflect that. SPACE COKE is sonic magic to ground us in the small size of our planet and its affectations in immeasurable existence.”

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