Sony’s PlayStation 1 was a better CD player for audiophiles than the $ 6,000 models in the mid-2000s


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I had no idea that my original PlayStation (PS1) in the late 90s could have been an audiophile’s dream CD player.

The PS1 which delivered iconic games like “Gran Turismo”, “Metal Gear Solid”, “Final Fantasy VII” and many more, was the ultimate cheat to get premium audio quality for a fraction of the price.

“If you’re looking for an exceptionally musical digital front end that can play music better than almost any multi-kilobuck digital source, look no further – manner recommended, ”Jeff Day, former reviewer of audiophile reviews site, wrote of the PS1 in a 2007 review of high-end speakers called Merril Zigmahornets.

The $ 300 PS1 produced such good audio quality that audiophiles would have to spend thousands of dollars to achieve similar performance. Specifically, these were to be the first PS1 units with the model number “SCPH-1001”, which had the dedicated red and white RCA analog audio ports on the back, allowing audiophiles to use their own cables. audio, according to former 6moons writer Michael. Levorgna in a 2006 NBC News article.

play at station 1

The back of the PlayStation 1 model number “SPCH-1001” which had the dedicated audio connectors.


“I had heard rumors about the quality of this particular version of the PS1 when used as a CD player,” Day wrote in 2007. After trying the PS1, Day said that the PS1 “really does. exceptional audio performance. I guess you would have to spend over $ 6,000 for a monoblock CD player to match it, let alone improve it. “

And audiophiles didn’t even have to spend up to $ 300 to get a PS1. By 2007, the PS1 had long given way to the PlayStation 2, and having sold over 100 million units since its launch in 1995, PS1 consoles could be bought for as little as $ 30 in the second-hand market. .

Other model numbers of PS1 consoles had unique ports for audio and video, but they were still designed for “really great CD players,” Lavorgna said.

Audio technology has advanced so far since the mid-2000s that the PS1 is unlikely to be the peerless CD player it was. However, if you happen to have kept your old CD collection and a SCPH-1001 PS1 for a “just in case” moment, you may be. And if you want to use a PS1 as a CD player, you can easily find them in online marketplaces like eBay for between $ 20 and $ 50. Just make sure the listing specifically mentions that the PS1 you are looking at is the model number “SPCH-1001”.


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