Sleaze CD box: DK Shivakumar has more to lose than Ramesh Jarkiholi


Bangalore, April 4 (IANS): The month-long sordid CD saga took an interesting turn after the parents of the controversial woman directly blamed Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) Chairman DK Shivakumar throughout the episode.

After this development, it turned into a political brawl between Shivakumar and the main defendant, former minister Ramesh Jarkiholi, it seems.

One leader said that Shivakumar was partly responsible for this since he had never tried to disassociate himself from the matter. Instead, he made it sound like he was behind this whole episode, which seems to have turned on him.

Many senior leaders IANS have interacted with since the CD’s release feel that Shivakumar has a lot more to lose in this whole episode compared to Jarkiholi, as the latter was only considered ministerial material while Shivakumar was was elevated to a select group of rulers who were Chief Minister’s Material.

“That being the case, it is the general perception that those who harbor the ambition to sit in the top seat should not get drawn into such controversies. With the messages flooding the social media cells of the BJP in power saying that Shivakumar is behind the sordid CD case, he will certainly be more like Shivakumar than Jarkiholi, ”added an executive.

The chief added that the contaminated Jarakiholi was by no means a match against Shivakumar.

“Shivakumar has cultivated the image of a convenience store, but with this deal he is now seen as a troublemaker by much of the political leadership who transcends party lines. This will be a big obstacle to its growth. Most MPs can’t open up to him like they did just because his name appeared in this matter. MPs can tolerate corruption, if they feel that someone is capable of blackmailing them, then they would prefer to stay away from such a person, ”added the leader.

Another executive says that if you look closely at the developments that took place after the CD’s release, it first appeared that Jarkiholi was on the verge of losing the battle of perception, but in a month it was It is Shivakumar who is on the losing side.

“Politics being the battle of perception, Shivakumar should lose his influence among his fellow lawmakers. Many of them might no longer trust him and they might no longer interact with him openly as they did in the past,” he said. said a source.

Another leader said that Shivakumar gained a reputation as a strong leader who controlled muscle power as well as the power of money. He proved it during the Maharastra MPs controversy in the early 2000s and with Gujarat MPs three years ago.

“These two incidents had earned him the title of convenience store. But after his name appeared in the sleaze CD saga, he is now considered a troublemaker, as many executives began to perceive him as such,” explained the manager.

The chief added that when it comes to the Jarkiholi family, it is karma that comes back to haunt them. The policy to finish off a political leader was introduced by them as early as 2000. “Shortly after Tehelka’s undercover operation, which ended the career of BJP national president Bangaru Lakshman, Karnataka also attended the similar release of videotapes then implicating KPCC State President VS Koujalgi who was seen receiving bribes. It was released by outgoing KPCC President Satish Jarkiholi, who was with the Janata Dal (S). After this video was released, Koujalgi was forced to resign as chairman of the KPCC, but he soon made a comeback as then minister HM Krishna as head of the cabinet, ”the source said.

Koujalgi for his part, before resigning, submitted a detailed report to the party’s high command alleging that Ramesh Jarkiholi was in charge of the videography and had authorized his brother (Satish) to broadcast this video.

“Although this report has dusted off, but karma has come back to haunt him in the form of the CD sleaze. This too would have been conspired by the chairman of the KPCC. There are many similarities in the two clips. Then Jarkiholi had tried to end a KPCC president career, this time it is alleged that a KPCC president is trying to end Jarkiholi’s career, ”observed a veteran leader.

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