Sex CD case: Woman moves Karnataka High Court against Jarkiholi U-turn



Sex CD case: woman moves HC over Jarkiholi U-turn

The case was mailed to June 21

Former Cabinet Minister MLA Ramesh.  Credit: DH File Photo

The woman involved in the “CD scandal” moved the Karnataka High Court to oppose the FIR registered by Sadashivanagar police on the basis of a complaint by BJP lawmaker Ramesh Jarkiholi that there had been a conspiracy in the publication of video clips.

A single judge bench of Judge S Sunil Dutt Yadav, who heard the petition, ordered an opinion to the special investigation team and to Jarkiholi. The case was mailed to June 21.

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“When the CD went public, Jarkiholi claimed it was a fake video and had no connection with the woman in the video. He filed a complaint on March 13 and wrote a letter to the Minister of the Interior on March 9. on the instructions of the Minister, the SIT was formed. All of this shows how influential Jarkiholi is and even the SIT is subject to it, ”the woman said in the petition.

turn around

The woman then noted that Jarkiholi had turned around.

“Seventy days after filing a complaint, Jarkiholi admits to SIT that he was there in the music video and that the sex was consensual. Statements made after the CD release and later are contradictory. It now offers new stories to escape. the charge of rape, ”she said.

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