Sex CD case: a woman’s family accuses DK Shivakumar | Bangalore News


BENGALURU: Family members of woman at the center of the sex CD case, which allegedly implicated ex-BJP minister Ramesh Jarkiholi, claimed on Monday that she was acting under pressure from the state congressional president DK Shivakumar.
They asked for help from Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa and Interior Minister Basavaraj Bommai in locating her and urged the courts not to register her statement because she was under duress.
Shivakumar, who was in Belagavi, dismissed the charge, saying it had nothing to do with the case. “Let the investigation unfold. They (family members) spoke under pressure. If they have proof (of my involvement) let them share it, ”he said.
It is not known where the woman is since a sex-for-work complaint was filed earlier this month and Ramesh, while denying any wrongdoing, has resigned as minister of water resources. She has released video statements, but has yet to appear before a judge or the SIT hearing the case.
Her father alleged that Shivakumar was forcing her to make certain allegations.
The family spoke to the media in Belagavi amid reports that they would appear before a judge to record their statement.
His lawyer on Monday filed a requisition request before a magistrate, asking for authorization to produce it.
“She should have at least four days to be with the family or be placed under court supervision and receive counseling,” the father said.
“We heard from the media that our daughter will be appearing in court. We ask the Chief Minister, the Home Secretary and all the judges … you have to consider that our daughter has been under pressure for 20-25 days and was forced to give statements.
The woman’s brother alleged that she had acted according to Shivakumar’s instructions since receiving the money. He did not share any evidence in support of the accusation.
“The video and audio statements that have come out so far, and those that will be in the future, are all under pressure from the people who made the CD and Shivakumar,” the brother said, adding that she did not had not been in contact with the family for more than 20 days.
The woman had alleged that her parents were pressured into making statements in favor of Ramesh. The family denied this.
“I have the strength to take care of my daughter. Who are these politicians? Did they raise her or educate her? I don’t need anyone’s help, ”the father said, adding that he had no connection with the Jarkiholi clan or with anyone in politics.
The mother claimed that about four months ago her daughter told her that Shivakumar associates were helping her find a job.
“I advised him to stay away from politicians,” she said.


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