Sex CD case: a woman disputes the complaint filed on behalf of Jarkiholi | Bangalore News


BENGALURU: The High Court on Monday ordered an opinion to the Special Investigative Team (SIT) investigating a sex-for-work case allegedly involving former Minister Ramesh Jarkiholi in a petition filed by a woman, whose name appeared in the case.
Judge Sunil Dutt Yadav also asked them to submit their answers.
The complainant requested the quashing of the complaint lodged at Sadashivanagar Police Station by a certain MV Nagaraju (on behalf of Jarkiholi), claiming that it was an attempt to falsely implicate her for filing a complaint. complaint against him and also to project her as an accused. According to her, the complaint was modified by Nagaraju on the instructions of the inspector of Sadashivanagar police station, Anil, to suit Jarkiholi.
Honey trap story
The woman pointed out that during the preliminary investigation, Jarkiholi categorically denied that he was part of the “fake” video and that he knew her. After avoiding appearing before the SIT for two months, finally during the lockdown, Jarkiholi appeared before the SIT and claimed that the video was genuine, had not been transformed and also claimed to have had consensual sex with her. , a statement which is in total violation of all of her prior statements.
“(Ramesh Jarkiholi) told SIT that the petitioner and others conspired, tricked him into honey and extorted money from him using a sex video published in the media containing it. And, thus, the complaint dated March 13, 2021 filed by him and his additional statement appear to be an afterthought with an entirely new story, only to circumvent the investigation, ”she asserted.


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