Respawn Removes Original Titanfall Game From Digital Store Shelves


What just happened? Respawn announced via Twitter that it is halting digital sales of the first Titanfall game today. The delisting comes months after it, and Respawn’s other games have come under cyberattacks along with accusations that Respawn ditched its first game.

Wednesday, Respawn confirmed it is removing Titanfall from digital storefronts immediately, although it will remain on subscription services until March 1, 2022. Respawn still intends to keep the game’s servers online indefinitely, so that anyone who already owns the first Titanfall can continue to play.

The game is already missing from the Xbox Store and is only available through Game Pass or EA Play. His product page has also disappeared from EA’s Origin store. However, the PC version is still for sale on the CD Keys websites, and of course there are still physical Xbox discs available.

Over the summer, hackers took over the playlists and notifications of Respawn’s most recent game, Apex Legends, to draw attention to their complaint that the original Titanfall had been made unplayable. They complained that hackers filled Titanfall’s halls with robots, preventing anyone from actually playing. Those who forced the “Save Titanfall” message into Apex Legends called the continued sale of Titanfall “an act of fraud.”

Respawn launched the original Titanfall in 2014 as a multiplayer-only game which was the first flagship exclusive shooter from the Xbox One era for Microsoft’s platforms (it was also released on Xbox 360 and PC). It was followed by Titanfall 2 in 2016, which remains on sale on Xbox, PC, and PlayStation.


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