R&B Artist Foxfrd Releases Cover Of Childish Gambino’s “3005”


“3005” was perhaps one of the beloved Childish Gambino’s most memorable hits. Originally released in 2013, popular success fell before her second studio album “Because the Internet”. Now R&B/Hip Hop artist Foxfrd is here with his own original take and we just can’t get enough. Inspired by sticking with someone for better or worse, Foxfrd’s version features a softer, more modest tone – very fitting for Foxfrd’s laid-back low-fi style. Her melodic lyrical delivery is delightfully dynamic, keeping listeners dancing from start to finish.

Now based in Los Angeles, Foxfrd’s original music flourished during his time in Memphis, TN. A senior animator in the video game industry for many years, he introduces a unique approach to storytelling through visual art. Working for acclaimed game studio The Game Band, where he helped create the award-winning Apple game Where Cards Fall, Foxfrd’s experience positioned him as a burgeoning multimedia artist. Now performing as a viral creator on TikTok, his content reaches millions of streams globally. Brilliantly embracing the seamless crossover between the worlds of music and gaming, Foxfrd has found its way into the industry and we are thrilled to witness its continued growth globally.

Listen to Foxfrd’s cover of “3005” here.


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