Ramesh Jarkiholi Sex CD case: Karnataka High Court to hear Sex CD case against former minister from today


Bangalore, July 20: The High Court of Karnataka will hear the sex CD case against former minister Ramesh Jarkiholi from Tuesday. The Special Investigation Team (SIT), investigating the case, submitted a detailed report to the High Court on June 19. The divisional chamber headed by Chief Justice AS Oka is expected to take up the matter on Tuesday afternoon.

The bench is expected to make important decisions on the complainant’s allegations about the investigative agency and the ruling BJP government. And, in addition, address the issue of quashing the complaint against Ramesh Jarkiholi. Karnataka sex tape scandal: Supporters of BJP MP Ramesh Jarkiholi demonstrate against state congressman DK Shivakumar in Belagavi.

The complainant alleged that the fair investigation was not taking place and that in all respects it had been cast in a bad light in front of the company. She also alleged that the accused was protected and that political leaders were in control of the investigation.

The motion to quash the complaint against Ramesh Jarkiholi is also bludgeoned by the issue. An alleged sex CD involving former minister Ramesh Jarkiholi went viral in March. As a result, Ramesh Jarkiholi had to resign from his post as minister. The incident also led to the war of words between state congressman DK Shivakumar and Ramesh Jarkiholi.

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