Pro-Ject announces the ‘Redbook’ CD Box DS3 CD player


New from Pro-Ject: the CD Box DS3 ‘Redbook’ CD player. No Blu-Ray compatibility. No SACDs. This new model is, according to the press release, a purist device “explicitly optimized for 1:1 playback of the Red Book CDDA standard”.

The CD Box DS3 is the first component to come out of the brand new DS3 product line from the Austrian manufacturer. However, it can be integrated with existing DS2 components because the dimensions are identical. On the rear panel, there are coaxial and TOSLINK sockets for connecting the DS3 CD Box to an external DAC, but the neighboring unbalanced RCA outputs are powered by a D/A conversion circuit built around a Texas Instruments PCM1796 DAC chip.

Excerpt from the press release: “Newer DACs often aim for higher bit resolution. Yet many high-end models and very expensive CD players use the famed PCM1796 for its smooth, easy-listening analog sound character.

CD Box DS3 internals also include Stream Unlimited’s CD-80 Blue Tiger Servo – “the brain that controls the muscles of the CD player – and a 4-point suspension system where three elastic points isolate the drive from external vibrations and a fourth point keeps vibrations emanating from the fast-moving laser mechanism away.

According to Pro-Ject, the chassis is made of aluminum to better isolate the CD Box DS3 from vibrations and electromagnetic interference. Your choice of silver or black. An infrared remote control wand is also provided.

Price? €699. Shipping begins this month.

Further information : Pro-Ject audio systems


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