Pork Pie releases new album with Spirit Store concert


The group Dundalk Pork Pie launches its first album “Pterodactyl” this Friday evening at the Spirit Store.

It’s tempting to say the release was a long time coming as Pork Pie have played together on and off since 2003, reforming in 2018.

The current line-up includes original four members Shane Brett (drums), Michael Laverty (bass), Michael Stafford (vocals and buitar) and Peter Laverty (lead guitar).

They describe themselves as a “four-piece contemporary eclectic alternative rock band, with strong elements of funk and psychedelia, playing almost exclusively original songs”.

They started working on the album before the COVID-19 pandemic in the Lock Up rehearsal and recording studio run by Dagan Fleming.

This The album was engineered by Pete Rust and mastered by Fergal Davis and completed during the guidelines relaxations.

After giving many concerts and playing in several top festivals and concert halls in Europe, including the Spirit Store, The Paradiso in Amsterdam and The Dublin Castle in London, the guys can’t wait to get back on stage and present their album to a live audience.

In October 2021, the band were sponsored by the Irish Government (Department of Arts and Culture) to play an exclusive online gig at the famous Great Northern Brewery in Ireland, which received rave reviews in the press musical.

For the night’s gig, they’ll be joined by Dundalk punk legends The Gakk, who asked Pork Pie to support them as they launch their 2019 album ‘Take a Look Around’.

Vinyls, CDs and t-shirts will be on sale in the evening. The t-shirts were designed and printed in Creative Spark by musician and Pork Pie artist Michael Stafford.

The album was partly funded by an art grant from Louth County Council’s Create Louth Arts Service.

“Pterodacty” is available on all major platforms, CD and vinyl, and has received stellar reviews so far, with Indierocks describing it as “stunning”.

Porkpie is currently working with the music industry’s leading PR, marketing and recording organizations including High Violet PR (UK) and The Lock Up Studios to promote “Pterodactyl”.

They are also working on new material for their second album which will be released in 2022.


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