Police record FIR in Ramesh Jarkiholi CD case


Police on Saturday registered an FIR in the sex CD case after former minister Ramesh Jarkiholi called for an investigation into the creators and conspirators behind the “fake CD”.

Hours later, the case took another turn when a music video surfaced, in which a woman claimed that Jarkiholi had promised her a job and also posted videos, shaming her and causing her to shy away from herself. commit suicide.

According to Sadashivanagar police, the former deputy for Nelamangala Nagaraju approached them with a copy of the complaint signed by Jarkiholi, following which an FIR was recorded against unknown people behind the CD scandal.

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In the FIR, the plaintiff alleged a conspiracy, claiming that a “fake CD” had been created and disseminated to the activist and on social media.

“To humiliate me politically, to end my political career and to extort money, strangers have conspired,” says the complaint.

“For three months, they conspired and fabricated a fake CD by cheating on me, mentally harassing me, to defame politically and tried to extort money from me.”

According to the complaint, “many people are involved”. “A few conspired, a few made fake videos. They used others and uploaded them to social media and made me politically unstable. Take the necessary measures against them, ”he says. Later, speaking to reporters, Jarkiholi said he would not drop the case until it was resolved, but declined to comment on the new clip.

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“I am not the only victim here. It can happen to anyone. Everyone should fight this together, ”he said, urging not to encourage such“ blackmail tactics ”.

“The police accelerated the investigation. The scam involves hundreds of crore rupees. Soon all the actors involved will be identified, ”he added.

After verifying the details and allegations of the complaint, senior police officials, including the SIT team, were alerted. The police even contacted legal experts and took their advice before making the decision to register the FIR.

Nagaraju said he filed a complaint with the police because Jarkiholi was busy. “It is clearly mentioned that Ramesh was the victim of blackmail. It is an act of injustice done to Ramesh, a conspiracy, ”he added.

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City police commissioner Kamal Pant said the FIR had been transferred to SIT.

At the same time, the SIT carried out searches on Saturday at the homes of media personalities questioned since Friday evening. The research was carried out in Vijayanagar, Vijayapura in rural Bengaluru and other places.


The FIR (Case No. 21/2021) invoked Articles 120 B (criminal association) of the IPC, 385 (anyone who, in order to commit extortion, scares anyone, or attempts to scare anyone), 465 (false), 469 (forgery for the purpose of damage to reputation), 34 (acts committed by several persons with

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Dinesh Kallahalli reacts

When asked about the complaint, Dinesh Kallahalli told DH that the police should have registered the FIR based on her complaint.

“But the police acted under pressure from the government. I have no personal contact with the media interviewed. Only one of them had contacted me a few times about complaints lodged by me before the tribunal and the secretary general. He had covered the news, ”he said.


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