PJ has no space to store João Rendeiro’s art collection


The recovery of the João Rendeiro art collection comes up against a series of storage difficulties due to the lack of space in the premises of the Judicial Police. PJ has requested legal aid given the volume of coins collected since last week.

The first phase of the arrest, directed against the works stored inside Joao Rendero’s house, ended last week.

The judicial police are now preparing to recover the pieces exhibited in the park, but they no longer have room to store them. In a document consulted by SIC, PJ’s National Anti-Corruption Unit warned the judge that the collection had been seized, but that a second phase of removal of the coins had not been scheduled because no solution had been found. was found for the storage company.

The court also requires indications on the destination to be given to the works of art, whose properties do not allow its storage under the security of the judicial police.

The court offers a solution. He says that, since he is at PJ’s headquarters, there are no conditions for storing the collection on display outside the house, An essential property management office for the storage and conservation of parts.

The judge’s order has already been sent to the president of the Lisbon County Court, along with a list and photos of all the works seized ten years ago. The information tracked is on CD and not in physical form, Because the court doesn’t have a color printer.

The 124 works of art were seized in 2010, transferred from the hands of João Rendero to the State in order to ensure compensation for the victims of Banco Privado Português.

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