Pink Floyd Album Creator Aubrey Powell Discusses Ominous New ‘Animals’ Reissue Cover

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The reissue of pink floyd1977 classic concept album Animalsfeaturing a 5.1 surround sound mix created in 2018, releases in multiple formats this Friday, September 16.

Along with the updated mix, the re-release features a revamped and updated version of Animals‘ memorable cover art, which featured a photo of London’s massive Battersea Power Station with a giant inflatable pig strapped to its chimneys.

Both covers were created by Aubrey “Po” Powellco-founder of Hipgnosis, the graphics firm that worked on most of the band’s albums.

The new cover features a recent and disturbing photo of the building, which is covered in scaffolding, taken at night from a different angle than the original photo, with the pig added digitally.

Powell tells ABC Audio he had to act quickly to get a good current photo of the building because the site is in the middle of a “massive regeneration project” that obscures the view of the station.

Powell says the new photo reflects Animals‘ cynical look at humanity, which is partly inspired george orwelldystopian novel farm animal.

“I think the reflection of the image is very much related to the album, this Orwellian, dark, dark, futuristic image,” he notes. “It’s almost science fiction… roger [Waters is] thrilled about it, and I think one of the reasons is that [it echoes] the period of time in which we live.”

Powell adds that the other members of Pink Floyd also think the new cover was awesome.

Additionally, Powell says the cover reflects the new, more forward-thinking and direct version. Animals mix, which he says “sounds so different and so good”.

The Animals The reissue will be available Friday on CD, vinyl LP, Blu-ray and SACD. A multi-disc deluxe package will follow on October 7.

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