Ping-pong pigeons dusted off the cover of “Eleanor Rigby” for the second night at the Capitol Theater [Watch]


Pigeons playing ping pong previewed a full video of her Saturday night performance at The Capitol Theater in Port Chester, New York. The Saturday show marked the second of two sold-out nights for the group in the iconic New York venue.

After an opening fixed by Neighbor, Pigeons took the stage at The Cap and hinted at a special night ahead with the Pizazz single, “Somethin ‘For Ya”. Still short, “Somethin ‘For Ya” set up the first surprise of the night, a 12 minute “Skipjack”> “Eleanor Rigby” (The Beatles)> “Skipjack” segment. Originally debuted at the group’s 2018 Halloween show at The National in Richmond, Virginia as part of the The hot red sergeant. Peppers theme, it was the first time that Pigeons played the Beatles coverage since March 5, 2020 at The Agora in Cleveland, Ohio.

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I send it back to the first album, the 2010s Funk EP, Pigeons ended the group’s original base in College Park, Md. With “Landing.” Some choreographed interactions between Jeremy Schon (guitar) and Greg Ormont (vocals / guitar) started this one before one long jam section led to another Pizazz title, “Too Long” —notably without its usual Schon intro. At this point, the neighbor Lyle Brewer (guitar) joined the band on stage for fan favorite “Poseidon”, before Pigeons finished the first set with “In The Bubble”.

After a short break, the second set began with a special question-and-answer segment. Here, Ormont answered questions from touring fans about The Relix chainthe front Twitch page Ben carrey (low) and Alex Petropulos (drums) elevated the band to “Upfunk”. As usual, the Psychology The track contained a “Drums” section, allowing Petropulos to strut the stage at the Capitol Theater. A more recent track, “Day In Time” fell into the two-hole hole before a party favorite, “Drunk People”, took the performance to the next level.

Halfway through “Drunk People,” Pigeons released one of the band’s favorite mashups, “Eye of the Moonwalk”. To crush Survivor“Eye of the Tiger” with the band’s own “Moonwalk” has long been a staple and rarely disappoints. After a return to “Drunk People” came the ever uplifting “Fox and Toad”. The dark and deep instrumental, “Condenser” followed, which eventually saw a sequel to “Su Casa” and its enveloping chorus, “This is your home now”. “Horizon”, the Psychology track on the celebration of “the people you love” and then closed the final frame in a spectacular way.

During the encore, PPPP reminded fans with “Zydeko,” “The show’s purpose rages with the band.” “Zydeko” would eventually make its way into “Tale As Old As Time”, from The beauty and the Beast soundtrack (initially debuted at Pigeons’ DisNYE show in 2017), before returning to “Zydeko” and ending a successful run at The Cap.

Below, watch a full video of the performance and scroll down for a detailed list.

The pigeons will be back on the road next week with the group Crazy side of the moon Halloween Shows in Washington, DC (10/29); Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (10/30); and Columbus, OH (10/31). The group will then return to Asheville, NC at the end of the year for a second New Years Eve show in a row at Arena the 31st of December. Go here for tickets and additional information about the tour.

Pigeons playing ping-pong РTh̢̩tre du Capitole Р10/16/21

Setlist: Pigeons playing ping-pong | The Capitol Theater | Port Chester, New York State | 10/16/21

Set One: Somethin For Ya, Skipjack> Elenor Rigby (The Beatles)> Skipjack, Landing> Too Long, Poseidon[1], in the bubble

Second set: Q&A, Upfunk> Drums> Upfunk, Day In Time, Drunk People> Eye of the Moonwalk[2] > Drunk People, Fox And Toad> Condenser> Su Casa> Condenser, Horizon

Again: Zydeko> Tale as old as time (The beauty and the Beast)> Zydeko


[1] with Lyle Brewer

[2] “Eye of the Tiger” / “Moonwalk” Mashup

See the list of songs


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