Noah Thompson’s ‘I’m on Fire’ Cover Is a Stunning Delivery


The season 20 finale of american idol kicked off on Sunday, May 22 with three consecutive performances from the three finalists: Noah Thompson, HunterGirl and Leah Marlene. Each was assigned to sing a song by legendary rocker Bruce Springsteen.

Thompson went for the mid-tempo track “I’m on Fire,” and after an effortless cover, the judges delivered their remarks.

“We have the boy here who does Bruce Springsteen, we had him do Disney songs, Rihanna,” begins Luke Bryan. “That’s a far cry from that first audition, mate. Let me just say, so proud of how you handled this with such humility and what did I say…that aww thing, shit, country boy “. You’re kind of ‘aww, shucks’, man.”

“You have what is now your stage persona. When you go on stage now, you look, you act, you look like yourself. And that’s called an artist, my friend,” Lionel Richie said. “You have now reached this wonderful stage in your life.”

“First of all, you picked my favorite Springsteen song,” says Katy Perry. “So many people fell in love with this song, used it as their first dance song. I think you just dove in and grabbed every heart in America singing this song. And you really made it yours Like Luke said, you’ve come so far and you’re really so humble and you’re just a good guy from Kentucky who could win. american idol.”

Each finalist also had the chance to sing their first singles live. This meant that Thompson sang “One Day Tonight”, while HunterGirl performed “Red Bird” and Leah Marlene performed “Flower”.

The three-hour night was filled with performances from several of the Top 10 finalists, as well as Thomas Rhett, Gabby Barrett, Deana Carter and more.

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