No groceries but lots of garden fun in Yakima’s new store


For years, many of us have shopped at Albertson’s 40th and Tieton. We’ll be back in the building soon, but this time to buy garden supplies and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Hometown Ace Hardware on Tieton moves across the street

Melissa Christenson is the co-owner of Hometown Ace Hardware at 3700 Tieton Drive, which will be moving across the street to the old Albertson building later this year or early next year. Christenson says work is underway on the building at 40th and Tieton, giving Ace Hardware a much larger space than the current store. She says the new store will be 30,000 square feet and 10,000 square feet will be leased to another company that would match the large Ace hardware store.

With more space you will see new items and larger sections for pets and toys

Like other companies, Ace Hardware is also experiencing supply issues, with the Ace Hardware warehouse filling around 60% of orders each day. But once the new store opens, shoppers will see a lot of significant changes and a much bigger store. Along with the usual favorites you’ll find at Ace Hardware, the new store will have a much larger pet supply area as well as more pool chemicals and toys for the kids. You will also find larger areas for hunting and fishing supplies. No weapons will be sold but they will sell ammunition.

The owners are hoping the new store will open at the end of this year or early next year.

Construction is underway right now, but Christenson says the opening date has not yet been determined. She’s hoping for December, but she says it’ll probably be early next year. She says when they are ready to move, the current store will close on a Friday evening and the new store will open on Saturday morning.

Another new store is also planned in Terrace Heights

While preparing for the move and the opening of the new store, Christenson said they are also preparing for the opening of a new Ace hardware store in Terrace Heights. They bought land near the current 7-11 store. Planning is underway with an opening scheduled for 2023.

Christenson owns the Hometown Ace hardware store, Roys Ace hardware store in downtown Yakima, and Oak Creek Ace hardware store in Naches where you’ll find Minutemen coffee for sale in the store. The official KIT News cafe!

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