New Bristol, Va. Store to carry new and used vinyl record albums | Local News


Church spoke as he sat in his office at the store. Used record bins, including a $ 2 copy of The Rolling Stones ‘”It’s Only Rock’ N Roll”, awaited payment up front.

“We will only sell vinyl,” said Church, 45. “We will have other favorites and special editions, but we sell vinyl because I love records so much.”

From the parking lot, nothing screams record store. There is only one modest sign, which proclaims quite simply, Ceremonial Sound.

Located in the end unit of the mall-like building at 264 Euclid Avenue, a walk inside Church’s store on Wednesday revealed a work in progress. Several long bins line a wall to the right, middle and back left of the store. The sales counter occupies the far left wall, near a large bay window.

Neil Young and Crazy Horse’s “Live Rust” LP played on a turntable behind the counter. His guitar-infused grungy rock music permeated the store.

“I feel in my element,” Church said. “I love the sights, the sounds, the smells of a record store. I hope that people who haven’t been through this, that this store will give them that experience. I hope this store will help people discover the music they love.

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Church maintains a long history of music in the Bristol area. Until the early 2000s he worked for years in now-defunct Sonic CDs stores in Bristol and Abingdon.


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