Nell And The Flaming Lips Share Video Of Nick Cave’s Wistful Cover “The Weeping Song”


Nell And The Flaming Lips Share Video For Nick Cave's Wistful Cover

Nell Smith and The Flaming Lips have released a new music video for their Nick Cave cover “The Weeping Song”. The song is taken from their collaborative album, which is filled with covers of Nick Cave, Where the viaduct looms, which was released in November 2021.

The band and 14-year-old singer-songwriter’s version of Cave’s song keeps a similar vibe to the original, with the song maintaining a consistent moody feel, but with an even slower tempo than the original. original. Nell’s voice is layered in echo while singing on an acoustic guitar, which was provided by Nev Cottee of the Flaming Lips.

The mood of the song matches the subject covered by the song, which is bad relationships within families. The video also aims to accommodate this subject, which shows Nell going through a snowy journey in which she observes a troubled father-son relationship.

Nell discussed the music video in a statement to Rolling Stone.

“The video for this song was supposed to show some people going through some things, and my part is a girl observing a journey,” Nell said. “Maybe it’s a broken family with the struggling father and son. The mountain top scenes were accessible by snowmobile, deep in avalanche territory. We had to equip ourselves with safety equipment. It was an adventure!”

The singer and band’s collaboration album, Where the viaduct looms, which only covered Nick Cave songs, came about when a then 12-year-old Smith sat front row at various Flaming Lips shows wearing a parrot costume and singing every word of their songs with her parents, according to Rolling Stone. After meeting the band, they asked Smith if she could cover Nick Cave’s songs, send the files back to them, and the band would add their music to the tracks.

“It’s always great to meet enthusiastic young creatives,” said Wayne Coyne, lead singer of The Flaming Lips, according to Rolling Stone. “With Nell we could see she was on a journey and we thought it would be fun to join her for a while and see if we could get things going. It was a great way to connect with her and help her harness her cool attitude to make music.



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