Miley Cyrus Keeps Drugs In ‘Hannah Montana’ CD Case Because No One Is Perfect


Miley just shared an incredibly random photo dump – featuring an unexpected use of her old ‘Hannah Montana’ product.

She’s just Miley! With an incredibly random IG photo dump, Miley Cyrus just gave fans a sneak peek at what she’s been up to in quarantine lately.

Miley has spoken openly about her love for certain substances before – her mom and sister even have a podcast called ‘Sorry we’re high‘- but it’s rare that she documents her own drug use habits like she did in the first photo from the photo dump:

Look away, Billy Ray

Miley’s post begins with a photo of her CD case for the album “Hannah Montana 2”, but you can’t see much of her face. He’s obscured by the kind of leafy greens that Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart love the most.


It is a good use for old CDsone follower joked in the comments section of Miley’s post. YouTuber Hannah Meloche added “It’s wild,” and others took issue with Miley’s misleading caption, writing “It is defo not catnip [cry-laugh emojis] I would like to have some. “

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His junkyard had vintage party photos

The photos after the first photo are getting stranger and stranger. From a photo of her in a tiny leather waistcoat to the inexplicably green and gold Renaissance boots and beyond, fans were confused but loved it.

Lots of images had a throwback theme, like one of Rolling Stones Keith Richards that looked like it was rolling / smashing. Hannah-era Miley makes another appearance in a flirty selfie that Miley appears to have slipped from someone’s old Tumblr account (watermark and all).

Baby Miley doesn’t look much like today’s Miley, who appears in the following photo with her blonde mullet and countless tattoos on her arms. The girl has already told us that she cannot be tamed!

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Miley actually stayed

While the photo dump suggests a wild night, Miley’s IG story has proven to be relaxing at home and taking care of herself. A photo of Charelle’s 1985 title album cover art ‘Saturday love“showed Miley’s fans the kind of chill-out vibe she enjoyed.

A snap of Miley wearing a face mask in her tub had the words “I officially failed the Saturday Gods” typed at the bottom (cropped in the photo above, due to the nude factor). Sounds like a good Saturday, right?

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