Marissa Nadler Announces New EP “The Wrath Of The Clouds”, Shares Alessi Brothers’ “Seabird” Cover: Listen


Last year, the great doom-folk artist Marissa Nadler released her album The path of the clouds. Today she announced her intention to follow up this album with a new companion EP called The wrath of the clouds, which will be released next month. The EP includes three new songs which were recorded during the Cloud path sessions. There are also two blankets, and Nadler shared one this morning.

In a press release, Nadler says putting the three new songs together from the EP “is like discovering lost gems that I had forgotten.” Along with these songs, Nadler included covers of Sammi Smith’s “Saunders Ferry Lane” and a version of “Seabird,” a 1977 single by soft rockers Alessi Brothers.

Over the years, “Seabird” has been picked up by Metronomy and appeared on Taika Waititi’s soundtrack. Wild hunt. Nadler’s cover faithfully recreates the folk-rock breath of the original, but it also has its own kind of sparkle. Nadler says, “Once I heard ‘Seabird’ for the first time, I just couldn’t get it out of my head. I love this song so much and I had to cover it. It was a different kind of song for me and really fun to do. Below, listen to Nadler’s version of “Seabird” and the original from the Alessi brothers, and check out the tracklist of The wrath of the clouds.

01 “Firearms on the terrace”
02 “All eclipses”
03 “A secret existence”
04 “Ferry Lane” (cover by Sammi Smith)
05 “Seabird” (The cover of the Alessi brothers)

The wrath of the clouds released 2/4 on Sacred Bones.


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