Living Color’s Vernon Reid joins Metal All-Stars to cover Funkadelic’s “Hit It And Quit It”: watch


Jordan Olds’ superb video series Two minutes until late at night is still full of surprises. Over the past few weeks, Olds has brought together star bands from punk, metal, and hardcore to cover bands like Mountain, Ink & Dagger, and Metallica. (Olds also paid homage to John Carpenter on his own.) And today, Two minutes until late at night gave us Vernon Reid shred on a Funkadelic classic.

Vernon Reid, the guitar hero behind Living Color, is a national treasure, and he absolutely flies in his first Two minutes until late at night performance. Reid essentially leads a group of metal musicians through “Hit It And Quit It”, one of the many bangers on Funkadelic’s 1971 album. Maggot brain. “Hit It And Quit It” was already a playful song with a big central riff, and it works wonderfully as a psychedelic metal jam with a long intro. Funkadelic has had an all-time great crusher with the late Eddie Hazel, and Vernon Reid is one of the few players on the planet who can bring Hazel-level heat. It’s great to hear what he’s doing about it.

Alongside Reid, the Two minutes until late at night The “Hit It And Quit It” feature also features two other guitarists: Jordan Olds himself, in his character from Gwarsenio Hall, and Bryan Giles from Red Fang, who we see playing in the back of a van and wearing a oversized cowboy. hat. We also have Sword’s Bryan Richie on bass, Shai Hulud’s Moe Watson on drums, and actress and podcaster Emily Panic on backing vocals. Manuel Gagneux, frontman of Swiss metal band Zeal & Ardor, appropriately interprets George Clinton’s vocals. Check Two minutes until late at night cover and the original Funkadelic below.

Check Two minutes before the end of the Patreon night here.


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