Listen to the new Market Basket store playlist on Spotify



The 40-song playlist covers a wide variety of fan favorites and store staples.

What once seemed like a good April Fool’s joke for the popular Tewksbury-based Market Basket chain has become a reality. Well, sort of.

April 1 brought with it an item on an “MB Store Songs CD,” available to order by phone. Many fans of the store’s musical tastes commented, saying they wished the prank came true.

Although the store does not release special CDs, it has created a Spotify playlist called “MB Store Songs CD” after customers’ support.

“This is no joke! We had so much fun watching you enjoy our April Fool’s Day CD that we’ve put the suggested top songs in our new Spotify playlist!” reads Market Basket’s Facebook post. announcing the playlist.

The playlist has 40 songs and already has over 500 likes.

Reviewers seem to enjoy the playlist as much as they enjoyed the idea of ​​the CD – one reviewer wrote that the music in Market Basket stores made her smile.

“YOU always play the best music in your stores – I always smile as I walk down the aisles…it’s always fun!!!! LUV Africa by Toto- #1,” Suzanne Sullivan wrote.

Many other customers commented on their favorite songs from their local market cart, ranging from “Africa” ​​by Toto to “I Want It That Way” by the Backstreet Boys.


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