Listen to Squid’s cover of “America!” By Bill Callahan


Squid shared a cover of Bill Callahan’s 2011 track, “America!” – you can listen to it below.

Originally taken from Callahan’s acclaimed ‘Apocalypse’ album, the rock artists from Brighton have picked up the track to celebrate their upcoming sold-out US tour.

“Earlier this year, we went to Otterhead Studios in the Midlands to do some recordings as we came out of Lockdown 2.0,” Squid said in a press release. “We decided to cover some of our favorite tracks and one of them was ‘America!’ by Bill Callahan.

They continued, “We didn’t think this cover would see the light of day, but we wanted to release something special just in time to go on tour in the United States.”

You can listen to the cover of ‘America!’ by Squid. below:

Squid released their debut studio album ‘Bright Green Field’ in May via Warp Records. In a five-star review of the dossier, NMEWill Richards described it as “an uncompromising debut that filled every ounce of the band’s potential.”

“From their very first material, it was clear that Squid could only truly realize its potential if it had the canvas of an album,” the review read.

“On ‘Bright Green Field’, in all of its weird, frenzied and fantastic glory, they went above and beyond.”

A new beer brewed by Gan Yam Brew Co. has been released to celebrate the album’s release.

The Kendal-based brewery officially launched its independent microbrewery on May 17 and has released a number of new beers for sale.

One of the beers is “Bright Green Field,” a 5.5% New England-style IPA (NEIPA) that was brewed in collaboration with Squid to celebrate their debut album.


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