Listen to Real Estate coverage of TV’s “Days”


The clever and complete bootlegger will always remember 6/30/2011 as the day we released the album Days live in full at 285 Kent in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. At the time, Domino Park, across the street, was still a dilapidated sugar warehouse, and our unreleased second album didn’t have a name yet. Real bosses (or as we like to call them, “agents”) might also remember that this show was a night out for the new 33 1/3 book telling the history of television. Moon marquee. Somewhere in the introduction to this volume, author Bryan Waterman said that while the song “Days” was featured on Television’s oft-overlooked second disc, it provided a template for all the guitar-based melodic indie rock that would soon follow in its wake.

We were of course big fans of this song, it was actually our second record, and we humbly considered ourselves as the torchbearers of this tradition. The story goes like this: We were on tour, sitting in our red Dodge Ram 2500 fire truck somewhere along I-95 when a member of the band read this sentence aloud and said, “Why?” won’t we call the album Days? ”If I remember correctly, no one liked him, but more importantly, no one hated him and he stuck. That’s right, this now ten-year-old album is named after that song on TV. fantastic and underrated which has been a joy for us to cover and record for you after all these years.


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