Karnataka leader BJP CD case: woman’s parents claim kidnapped


The woman’s father alleged in his complaint that his daughter told them she was not the one in the video.

In a new twist to the Karnataka sex tape affair, the parents of a woman who was allegedly seen with former Minister of State Ramesh Jarakiholi in widely shared videos this month have filed a complaint with Belagavi police, saying they feared for their lives and that their daughter had been kidnapped in Bangalore.

Deputy Police Commissioner (Law and Order) Vikram Apte told reporters that a complaint about his daughter’s kidnapping was filed by her father on Tuesday. improper detention) 354 (assault) and 506 (criminal intimidation) of the Indian Penal Code, ”he said.

According to police, the father alleged in his complaint that his daughter was kidnapped on March 2 even when the CD was released and that was the last day they spoke to her.

“She told us that she was not the one in the video. The disbelievers seem to have used our daughter’s lookalike. My daughter told her mother that someone who looks like her was used in the video. I’m not the one on this CD, ”the complainant said, citing his daughter.

The complainant said his daughter was also harassed to star in such deplorable music videos, which really brought their family into disrepute. “We are poor and without influence at all. But the police must take action to find out where our daughter has been kept or is she even alive?” the complaint said.

The family also released a two-minute video clip saying their life is in danger and their daughter has been kidnapped. “When I last spoke, it was March 2. Since then, I have not categorically refused to accept that she be on the CD. She also told me that she would explain in detail when she would meet them in person instead of talking on the phone, ”the woman’s mother said in the clip.

She also alleged that her daughter told her that she was in a safe place and that she would be back soon. “My life is in danger, I cannot come now. Wherever I am, I am safe,” the mother said, citing her daughter.

On March 2, Kannada news channels broadcast footage of then-Minister of Water Resources Ramesh Jarkiholi with the woman. Jarkiholi was forced to resign from his ministerial post a day after the video was released and he was accused of seeking sex for favors. The police complaint in this regard was lodged by social activist Dinesh Kallahalli who turned around and withdrew his complaint a few days later.


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