Karnataka HC asks SIT chief to review investigation reports and issue orders


Bangalore, first published Nov 10, 2021, 2:29 p.m. IST

The Karnataka High Court ordered IPS officer Soumendhu Mukherjee, head of the Special Investigation Team (SIT) investigating the alleged sex-for-work CD case involving former minister Ramesh Jarkiholi and a counter-extortion complaint filed by the former minister of the BJP, to review reports prepared by his colleagues and place the appropriate orders.

A division bench, headed by Chief Justice Ritu Raj Awasthi, extended the interim order banning SIT from submitting the final report to the magistrate. Earlier this year, in July, the SIT filed reports on its investigation of sexual assault and extortion complaints in the High Court while seeking leave to bring them to a lower court.

A division bench of Chief Justice Ritu Raj Awasthi and Judge Sachin Shankar Magadum noted in its order: continue the investigation, report on the progress of the case to the head of the investigation team. In reference to the letter from the police commissioner of 03/29/2021, ”LiveLaw reported.

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Previously, the court had raised questions about the lack of supervision of the head of SIT, who was on leave for much of the investigation between May and July for personal reasons.

The judiciary reviewed the report submitted by SIT and noted that it was signed by Joint Police Commissioner Sandeep Patil and not by Additional Police Commissioner Soumendhu Mukherjee, Head of SIT.

“We are of the opinion that once the SIT was constituted, which was headed by the additional police commissioner, Mr. Soumendhu Mukherjee (IPS), the report prepared by MC Kavita ACP should have been submitted to the head of the SIT and it been approved by the SIT manager. That this report be submitted to the head of SIT for its proper order. The report can then be submitted to the court under seal at the following date, ”the court said while adjourning the hearing of the case to November 29.

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