Karnataka HC adjourns hearing to June 27


Bangalore, May 31: Special teams have been formed to investigate the case of the attack on farmer leader Rakesh Singh Tikait and an investigation is underway to find out the design of those who had supported the defendants directly or indirectly and bring out the truth about the attack. case, police said Tuesday.

Steps are being taken to seek 7-day custody of the 3 defendants, who attacked Tikait with a TV microphone and threw black ink at him during a press conference here on Monday. As part of the overall investigation, the trio would be questioned while in police custody to “bring out the truth”, police said. “We have arrested three people. They will be brought before the magistrate. We will request seven days in custody for further investigation,” Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime) Dr Sharanappa SD told PTI on Tuesday.

Special teams were formed and they would look at all angles to bring to light those who had supported the accused directly or indirectly, he said. Our teams are also conducting a detailed cell phone investigation. Very soon we will bring out the truth, added the DCP.

Tikait was addressing a press conference at Gandhi Bhavan on May 30 when a man, posing as a journalist, rushed onto the stage under the pretext of adjusting the microphones of various news channels and attacked Tikait with a mic. Another person came from behind and threw black ink at the chief farmer.

Soon organizers and miscreants clashed and assaulted each other using plastic chairs. A man involved in the attack also reportedly shouted Modi-Modi’. Tikait had alleged that the attack was carried out in collusion with the government.

While some opposition leaders have alleged that those responsible for the incident were ‘BJP members’, Karnataka Home Minister Araga Jnanendra condemned the attack and dismissed the allegation of the opposition claiming that those involved in the attack had nothing to do with the BJP.


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