Kanye West’s ‘Yeezus’ album art is just plain Ole CD case and duct tape


For the sake of restraint, the album cover for that of Kanye West the impending solo album is just an old, transparent CD case with a blank disc – like the mixtape your brother once burned for you, sealed with a bit of crappy orange tape scribbled on, in the rude hand of a still to get a Sharpie license, yEE2u> [Yeezus].

A representative for Def Jam To confirmed To Fork that unfortunately, yes, this is the official album cover for the follow-up of My beautiful twisted dark fantasy, whose cover (an oil painting of West making love with a phoenix) was then printed onto fancy silk scarves and sold for a small fortune. There probably won’t be a scarf collection this time around; Guess you can still stick duct tape on your neck? Otherwise, if you go to the West website and hover your cursor over its compact disc, you can hear a sample of a possible new song.

The Def Jam-endorsed creation also appears to contradict the album’s gold cover art. Kim kardashian revealed on Instagram two weeks ago, which means someone at DONDA is there to make Kim look like either a) damn crazy or b) Very Exclusive. On the same day, Mr. West performed the single ‘Black Skinhead’ on Saturday Night Live. Prior to that, he screened the visuals for the new song “New Slaves” on 66 buildings around the world.

Maybe then this blank canvas is a call to you at project your own creativity on Yeezus; a symbiotic collaboration that says, “Make your own fkn album cover for once, Insatiable Ungrateful.” Yeezy outside. ‘

Like a precious baby named KimyE! â„¢, Yeezus is expected on June 18.


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