Justin Bieber’s Copycat Believe CD Cover (Photo)


Justin bieber unveiled the cover of his new CD To believe. A more adult Justin pout in black and white. Graphics are in yellow. Seems familiar? This is probably because it bears more than a fleeting resemblance to Adam lambertthe last album of Intrusion. Is Bieber an impersonator? What do you think?

The Biebs unveiled the highly anticipated coverage on Twitter. He tweeted ‘in the studio to put the finishing touches on #BELIEVE then go see my big brother @UsherRaymondIV on broadway. everyone wants to see ... ‘ This was followed by wants to see the #BELIEVE album cover?‘Then the Twitter worm exploded and #BELIEVEalbumCover became the number one trending topic in the world.

Justin finally decided it was time to reward his fans … ‘and this is the cover of the #BELIEVE # 52DAYS album – released? expect the unexpected‘He tweeted both covers. Sure, the Beliebers love them – but Adam’s legion of fans The Glambert might not be as impressed with the standard CD cover. The deluxe blanket is colorful and doesn’t look as much like Trespassing.

It will be some time before we see the cover in the flesh. As Justin tweeted To believe is still over a month away. It will be released on June 11. This is what we can expect from the man himself ‘This new album is crazy. I spent the most time there creatively, writing myself and being involved in the whole process. It’s something that comes from my heart. Hope all my fans and Beliebers like it. With my new album, Believe, there are so many different songs and so many different styles. It’s really versatile and fun.

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