Just-A-Buck store raises prices


Following a trend with dollar stores lately like the Dollar Tree chain, Just-A-Buck is raising prices.

Just-A-Buck is a chain of franchise stores that actually started in Poughkeepsie. The Just-A-Buck Poughkeepsie location at 2600 South Rd / Route 9 in the Poughkeepsie Plaza next to Marshalls is the original location. According to the official Just-A-Buck website, the store’s headquarters are based in New Windsor. Steve Bakst opened the first Just-A-Buck with his sister Rochelle in Poughkeepsie in 1988. They sold their first franchise in 1992 and now Just-A-Buck currently has 16 locations across the country, including 8 locations in the Valley of the Hudson.

While it’s currently unknown if all Just-A-Buck locations will increase their prices, one would assume that is the case. The Poughkeepsie location confirmed the price increase via social media in a post titled Just A Buck and Beyond (which we believe will be the new brand name for the store(s). The Facebook post stated that to continue delivering incredible value to customers, they will need to adjust prices to $1.25. They also noted that they had not raised their price for 33 years.

Reaction to the news was overwhelmingly positive, with one person commenting “You gotta do what you need to survive” and another saying “you got the best stuff. Well worth $1.25”. See the Just A Buck-Poughkeepsie Facebook page post below. What do you think of the 25 cent raise at Just-A-Buck? Will you continue to shop at Just-A-Buck? Personally, while it bothers me a bit that everything isn’t $1 anymore, it’s certainly understandable. And what is 25 cents more in fact?

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