John Prine’s ‘1959’ Cover On New John Anderson Tribute Album Is Simply Impeccable


I miss it Jean Prine.

Hearing his voice on new work, even if it’s a cover, is so nostalgic.

Prine is featured on the new John Anderson tribute album, Something Borrowed, Something New: A Tribute to John Anderson, covering “1959”.

John Anderson originally recorded the song in 1980, and it was the fifth single from his self-titled debut album. The song ranked seventh on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart and was one of Anderson’s early hits.

“1959” by John Anderson

I was thrilled when the tracklist for this album came out, and I saw John Prine on it for two reasons.

First, it shows how long the project lasted in the words the late and great Prine was able to record before his passing. Second, I couldn’t think of a better song for Prine.

The screenplay and lyrics are a perfect match for what Prine would have written over the course of his career. The song takes you through a man who has been drafted into the military. When he returns home, he sees that his first love was married. He looks back on the good memories he made with this love through a letter she wrote to him in 1959.

Prine appropriates the song on this recording. If you don’t know John Anderson, you might easily think this is an original song. The songwriting and vocals match his signature style perfectly.

This song continues Prine’s legacy and shows the countless contributions and impact he made and left on the country music and songwriting industry.

God, I miss John Prine.


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