John Mayer Releases Beyoncé Cover in San Francisco


Watch Mayer deliver his cover of “XO” for the first time in over two years.

By Nate Todd March 19, 2022 12:40 p.m. PDT

John Mayer kicked off a two-night run Friday night at San Francisco’s Chase Center as part of his 2022 Sob Rock Tour. The singer-songwriter and guitarist dusted off a cover of Beyonce’s “XO” during the acoustic part of the concert.

Mayer and company launched the band’s first full segment with Sob Rock’s “Last train home.” He also included “Wild Blue” from the album along with older favorites including “Something Like Olivia” and “Love On The Weekend.” The initial full band section ended with “Changing.”

John then transitioned to his acoustic format starting with the aforementioned bust of Beyoncé, last performed on October 3, 2019 in Oslo, Norway, according to SetlistFM. The guitarist delivered the song with his own harmonica accompaniment. Mayer debuted the song from Beyoncé’s 2013 self-titled album live at an April 2014 concert in Australia and also released a studio version of the cover soon after. Mayer ended the acoustic segment with “In Your Atmosphere” and “Neon”.

The band’s final full section featured songs Mayer played on the Sob Rock tour, including “Still Feel Like Your Man” and “Edge Of Desire,” as well as a tease “You Can Call Me Al” (Paul Simon ) during “Till The Right One Comes” and excerpts from Prince’s “The Beautiful Ones”. The guitarist closed the main set with John Mayer Trio’s release “Gravity” before a two-song encore featuring the classic “Your Body Is A Wonderland” and Sob Rock’s “New light.”

Check out clips from “XO” and more below:

set list

John Mayer at Chase Center

full band
  • Last train home
  • Belief
  • weekend love
  • Something like Olivia
  • wild blue
  • Who says
  • Changing
  • XO
  • In your atmosphere
  • Neon
full band
  • Always feel like your man
  • edge of desire
  • stop this train
  • Until the good comes
  • The pretty
  • Dancing slowly in a room on fire
  • waiting for the world to change
  • Gravity
  • Your body is a paradise
  • new light


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