Jackie Evancho Releases Stunning Joni Mitchell Cover Album ‘Carousel of Time’


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Jackie Evancho has released a new album titled time carousel. The project contains 10 stunning covers of original songs by legendary singer/songwriter Joni Mitchell. This album shows how much Evancho has matured as an artist since appearing on America’s Got Talent.

It is normal that Evancho chose time carousel as the title of this album. The phrase comes from a lyric in Mitchell’s song “The Circle Game,” which is about growing up and looking back to where we came from.

In 2010, Evancho completed AGT in second place at the age of 10. Now 22, the singer finds her adult voice in the music industry. This voice, as expected, is absolutely beautiful. Evancho brings a signature ethereal quality to Mitchell’s music, as well as a clear emotional connection to the lyrics.

In addition to the nostalgic “Circle Game”, other album highlights include the bittersweet opener, “Both Sides Now”, as well as the soaring “A Case of You” and the melancholic “River “. The project is likely to serve as a gripping introduction to Mitchell’s music for a younger generation.


Evancho admires Mitchell’s authenticity

Evancho recently chatted with Talent Recap about the new project, saying Mitchell is an artist she’s “taken a lot of inspiration from for a very long time.” She added that something she loves about Mitchell is that she’s “so genuine.”

“You know, even for the period, she didn’t care what anybody said, as long as she just stuck to the music,” Evancho explained. “So I think it’s appropriate for the time in my life that I’m going through, and I’m excited to see what everyone thinks about it.”

Evancho also shared that she “writes a lot of songs,” confirming that fans can expect another album of original songs at some point. As she said, “I won’t be posting until all of these originals are finished and it’s nothing but my work.”

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