In what year was the first CD player released?


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1. Bill Shorten was national secretary of which union at the time of the Beaconsfield mining disaster in 2006? (Bonus point for the name of the metal mined in Beaconsfield.)
2. In Hindu mythology, Hanuman takes the form of which animal?
3. Which Melbourne Vixens player captained the Australian Diamonds for three of four Constellation Cup netball tests last month before undergoing season-ending foot surgery?
4. Which of New York’s five boroughs is the least populated?
5. Autophobia is a fear of being what?
6. The Spanish riding school is located in which European city?
7. In what year was the first CD player released?
8. What is the largest tendon in the human body?
9. What English comedian, actor, writer and TV personality wrote The midnight gang?
10. Prince Philip was born in which country?

This article first appeared in the print edition of The Saturday Paper on April 24, 2021 under the title “What Year Was the First CD Player Released?” “.

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