In-car truckers cover Prince, Springsteen and more at the Brooklyn Bowl


Truckers in car rolled in brooklyn, ny Brooklyn Bowl this weekend for a three-night tour of the new, recently reopened Williamsburg location as part of the group’s 2021-2022 North American tour.

The original Brooklyn Bowl hosted The Wailers (SunDub) back on September 8 after a long shutdown due to the pandemic and has since seen an abundance of performance in September and October.

On Thursday, Drive-By Truckers kicked off the November program at the Brooklyn Bowl with the first of three nights at the iconic New York venue, before returning to the stage on Friday night (05/11) for an expansive one-set performance. Members Patterson hood, Mike cooley, Brad morgan, Jay gonzalez, and Matt patton started the night with ‘Birthday Boy’ from the 2010s The big task. The group browsed through a variety of originals spanning almost their entire catalog, including “Where the Devil Don’t Stay” from 2004. The dirty south, “When the pin hits the shell”, from the years 2003 Decoration day, and “Surrender Under Protest”, from 2016 American group.

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It should be noted, however, that the group did not perform a single song from their last two studio releases, the 2020s. Unraveling and The new OK, after having browsed several extracts of these discs the first night.

Halfway through the 26-song set, Drive-By Truckers dusted off an old cover, “State Trooper,” by Bruce springsteen1982 classic album Nebraska. This was only the second iteration of the track since 2016, despite having been a staple of the band’s live show in previous years. After a rendition of the original “One of These Days”, the Truckers then took another photo, this time Alice cooper‘s “I am eighteen”. After “Shut Up and Get on the Plane” and “Hell No, I Ain’t Happy”, the quintet then closed the show with a reimagination of Prince“Sign O ‘The Times”.

Drive-By Truckers will continue their three-night run at the Brooklyn Bowl tonight, November 6, before heading to Wilmington, DE on Monday for a show at The Queen. Head here for tickets and additional tour information, scroll down for a full list and check out a gallery of images from the show, courtesy of Ken spielman.

Setlist: Drive-By Truckers | Brooklyn Bowl | Brooklyn, New York State | 11/5/21

Set: Birthday Boy, The Fair Path, Where The Devil Won’t Stay, Ronnie and Neil, 72 (that’s the average of this road), The Alabama Boys, Women Without Whiskey, Pauline Hawkins, When the Pin Hits the Shell, Wednesday, Amour Comme ça, Mercy Buckets, Marry Me, Buttholeville, State Trooper (Bruce Springsteen), Surrender Under Protest, Sink Hole, Uncle Frank, Puttin ‘People on the Moon, Zip City, The Night GG Allin Came to Town One of these days I’m eighteen (Alice Cooper) Shut up and get down to business Hell no I’m not happy sign O ‘The Times (Prince )


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