Harry Styles’ new album cover ushers in an era of tricky styling


Harry Styles is back! Over the past few weeks, eagle-eyed fans have speculated that the versatile musician, actor and idol is planning an imminent comeback, after spotting Styles following a number of mysterious social media accounts titled “You Are Home”. Turns out all the rumors are true. Styles will release his third album, the sequel to the critically acclaimed and Grammy-winning album in 2019 Thin line, May 20, titled simply: Harry’s house.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a new Harry Styles album if it didn’t usher in a new style chapter for the famously chic singer too. (With a little help from her ever-inventive stylist, Harry Lambert.) Where Styles has embraced a reliable fashion formula throughout her career. Thin line promotional rounds and subsequent arena tour – including shimmering, kaleidoscopic shirts and high-waisted pants – it looks like for Harry’s house, he opts for a lighter and more delicate look.

The slightly surreal album cover, photographed by Hanna Moon, shows Styles gazing pensively at the floor (or should we say, the ceiling) of an upside-down room decorated sparingly with mid-century furniture. For her outfit, Styles opted for head-to-toe Molly Goddard, the cult London designer whose extravagant tulle dresses were worn by Rihanna and Jodie Comer in Kill Eve, and which recently introduced men’s fashion into its offer. Although given Styles’ playful approach to gender dress, it’s not like it would have mattered anyway, with the musician sporting a custom look inspired by the spring 2022 collection of the Mark.

Wearing a feather-light linen shirt with a peter pan collar and bands of rose embroidery across the chest, and a pair of loose, flared jeans, Styles looks ready to reinvent the rock star look. Watch this place.

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