Gap’s biggest fan loves ’90s in-store playlists as much as clothes


Her Gap experience was a portal to learning about clothing and music. “It really excited me,” he says. Bise recalls a heartbreaking moment after hearing acid jazz for the first time, which sparked her love for Gap soundtracks. “I was dead tired on my first shift. I went to the record store anyway and bought a few CDs from some of the artists there. It started then,” he says. From then on, whenever a Gap playlist came out, Bise would ask her manager to bring the CD home.

Archiving playlists from the 90s and early 2000s was no easy task. To find each month’s CD, he contacted colleagues and even tried to reach the company’s offices. A few years ago, he went to the Gap headquarters in San Francisco to try to complete his collection but to no avail. “I found a CD with half a playlist on it,” he said of his visit to the Gap headquarters. “Less than 30 songs for this trip.”

During his quest, he met four people who helped Bise tremendously with curating the playlists. Typically, these are people the soundtracks also impacted, including a husband and wife who fell in love while one worked for Gap and the other for Banana Republic. “It was the spring and summer of 1999, and they loved the music at the time, and they were wondering if I had any Banana Republic playlists. I actually had that time. When they had, they told me how excited they were to see them and reliving the initial… falling in love and their romance.

Bise considers himself obsessed with archiving soundtracks. It not only wants to find the year but also the month. Bise’s meticulousness has been noted by publications as well as the company itself: In 2020, Gap did a Spotify and Instagram campaign based on Bise’s soundtracks.

While Bise is known for his love of Gap music, he also shares the same passion for the brand’s collections. He has several hundred parts, which he stores in his garage. His favorite collection comes from his first year working at Gap, particularly rugby shirts. “This January 1993 collection has just the coolest red. It was called clay red, and there was just another type of blue that was very rich,” he says. that [season] On ebay.” His favorite piece is a plaid patchwork flannel from his first holiday season in Gap. “He will be 30 this holiday,” he says. “The colors are still so rich, 30 years later , such quality.” Rounding out his favorites are a pair of men’s bootcut jeans from 2005. , have fun with them.


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